Materials Recovery

Your Materials, Our Trucks: Effortless Recovery & Delivery for a Greener Tomorrow

We are dedicated to optimizing your supply chain at every level. Located in Riverside, CA, our facility strategically serves LA, OC, and SD counties. Go Green oversees the entire materials recovery & delivery process, offering simplicity and convenience through our fleet and a network of local and nationwide transportation carriers.

Toll Grinding & Shredding

Transforming Materials, Redefining Industries: Toll Grinding for Precision Size and Purposeful Repurposing.

The Toll grinding process facilitates the reduction of materials into smaller sizes, with particle removal achieved through aspiration during grinding. This widely adopted business service plays a crucial role in manufacturing various products across industries, allowing for efficient material repurposing.

Extrusion Services

Closing Loops, Shaping Futures: Repurposed Extrusions in a Circular Plastic Economy.

Plastic extrusion, a high-volume manufacturing technique, involves melting raw plastic to create a continuous profile. Our repurposed extruded materials find applications in various manufacturing processes, including injection grade, rotational grade, and thermal grade molding

Manufacturing Services

Optimal Vertical Integration: Shaping the Circular Economy in Manufacturing

From rapid-cycle, high-precision injection molding to producing robust components through structural foam injection molding, we serve as your integrated partner. At Go Green, we not only supply resins but also offer tailored molding services, empowering our customers to actively engage in the circular economy for regional manufacturing and distribution.

Pulverization Services

Virgin plastics or your recycled resins – we've got your Roto needs covered!

As one of the few providers in Southern California, Go Green Industries specializes in material pulverization. Our advanced pulverizers efficiently crush and transform reprocessed plastics into a fine powder. Renowned as experts in plastic pulverizing, Go Green has continuously increased its capacities to meet the growing demand for producing consistent, high-quality plastic powders.

Specialty Services

For precision needs, we offer the perfect resolution.

Bulk Truck Services

Effortless transportation to and from silos is our specialty. Go Green stands out among a select few plastic recyclers, providing a unique service that makes our transportation department as diverse as our range of services

Toll Pulverization

As a unique service provider in Southern California, Go Green specializes in material pulverization. Our pulverizers convert both recycled and virgin plastics into high-quality powder, demonstrating our expertise in plastic pulverizing.

Polymeric Testing

Go Green provides a suite of testing services for customer polymers and composites. Our plastic testing laboratories employ specialized instruments to examine additives in polymer samples and assess plastic quality.

Toll Grinding & Shredding

Reviving Plastics: Toll Grinding and Shredding for Sustainable Resins

toll grinding and shredding are integral steps in the plastic recycling process, contributing to size reduction, material homogeneity, energy efficiency, and overall quality of recycled plastics. These processes enhance the sustainability of plastic recycling and promote the use of post-consumer resins in the production of new plastic products.

Extrusion Process

Purify, enhances, and customizes recycled plastics into a continous profile

Extrusion is pivotal in recycling, shaping uniform forms, enhancing material consistency, removing contaminants, improving properties, and enabling versatility in recycled plastics.

Plastic Pulverization

Ensuring Uniformity: The Vital Role of Plastic Pulverization in Roto-Molding.

Plastic pulverization is crucial for the roto-molding industry as it ensures uniformity, enhances melt flow, reduces resin consumption, improves molding performance, enables faster melting times, ensures consistent wall thickness, allows for versatile design options, contributes to quality assurance, and supports cost-effective production

Injection Molding

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A plastics recyling company that offers post-consumer resins, distribution, toll services, and injection molding creates a vertically integrated solution that enhances supply chain efficiency, ensures quality control, allows for customization, optimizes costs, reduces environmental impact, speeds up time-to-market, and offers a streamlined, single-source solution for manufacturers.

Materials we recycle

These benefits collectively make recycling a strategic

and environmentally responsible choice for manufacturers, promoting sustainability and resource efficiency in their operations.

Conserve valuable natural resources

Recycling plastics can lead to significan cost savings

Play a crucial role in reducing enviornmental pollution


  • HDPE
  • CO-PP
  • HO-PP
  • LDPE
  • HIPS
  • PET
  • TPO


  • PC
  • PC/ABS
  • ABS
  • PETG

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